Welcome to the 2019-20 BVJAA Tournament Information. Our tournaments are held primarily at 4 locations. The New Century Fieldhouse in Gardner, KS; MAV's Facility in Olathe, KS; Sports Pavilion Lawrence, KS.

Sunday Tournaments: All Sunday tournaments will be 4 team pools (8 to 12 team divisions) so the tournament should be completed by 5 PM!!  

General Information: Please refer to the HOA website for more information. Tournament registration is done by using the HOA online registration. We will go in and approve teams for entry 3 times per week. Only teams that are approved teams with HOA will get approved for the tournament. Registration fees must be received by BVJAA before a team can be approved. Please send 1 check per team per tournament. Pools are posted on Thursday before the tournament on the HOA website. Please check back late Friday for any updates due to teams dropping or teams that have been added.

Tournament Format: Pool Play: 2 games to 25 points (games begin at 4 points). USAV and HOA tie breaking procedures will be used in the event of a tie at the end of pool play. Advancing Teams: In pools of 5, the top 3 teams advance (unless there are 3 pools of 5 teams, then 2 teams advanace). In pools of 4, all teams advance. Playoffs: Best 2 out of 3. Games 1 and 2 to 25 points (games begin at 4 points). Game 3 to 15 points (game begins at zero). No Cap. Medals for 1st and 2nd place unless otherwise posted.

Pool Seeding: We use the HOA ranking system and adjust so that teams coming the farthest, start the latest. We try to honor all requests for late starts (usually teams seeded 3 and 5 in 5 team pools).

Cancellation policy: No refunds within 3 weeks of the tournament.

Tie Breaking Rules

House Rules and Address for New Century and Elite Sports Center

House Rules and Address for the Sports Pavilion


Tournament Sponsor: Blue Valley Junior Athletic Association; Bill Flohrs, Tournament Director; T 913-681-2329; email: bflohrs@yahoo.com

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